Behold!! a board with wheels!!

The children of the red shoes decided to put nice little pictures on these snazzy boards which will get scratched anyway (you know kids these days).
they worked so hard that we decided to share one of our boards with you, to have at home and do whatever you children do with these things nowadays.

So here’s the deal, type your email address on the top right of the blog to subscribe and leave a comment on this post with a number from 1 to 100 (don’t leave the same number as other people “Dan” ).

We are going to draw the winner from a hat , the old school way (from a gentleman’s top hat). if you happen to win, we will send you a new and shiny customised deck to your house, with the best  design, chosen by the red shoes children.

Cheree o’

scroll down you silly carrot !



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9 responses to “

  1. 68 n.n good luck wit the contest!!!

  2. Datt Natt

    come on number35!!

  3. Shane

    54….that’s my number.

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